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KievStratPro (Strategic Forecasting&Promotion) – Ukrainian company providing a complex of consulting services in two main spheres:

Economic activity and business promotion.

Political consulting and strategic forecasting.

Our team consists of professional practitioners from different fields of activity who have extensive experience of work and who have managed to test and improve a lot of their knowledge and skills in practice. If you are an ambitious politician or a businessman who wants to achieve new successes in your professional activities - KievStratPro team can become your reliable partner and help in your progress towards new goals.

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Political consulting – we provide a range of services for advising and media promotion of political parties and organizations, individual politicians at all stages of their activities, including the stage of creation, preparation of the program, formation of key positions and messages, choosing of the main audience and so on.

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Foreign economic consulting – we provide services to promote products to external markets, as well as the domestic market of Ukraine, help in finding potential partners for business, wholesale customers, investors and investment objects.

Media promotion­ of clients, aimed at increasing­ their recognition, and ratings, countering black PR ­ in the media and forming a protection strategy, cooperation with bloggers, journalists, experts, political scientists

We provide legal support for companies in Ukraine.

We have extensive experience in organizing various kinds of public events: round tables, forums, presentations, on political and economic topics.

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Our Team

Andrey Buzarov — lawyer, publicist, political analyst, political scientist-internationalist. Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (from 2013). Member of the public councils at the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Member of the Committee on International Relations of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.

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Andrey Buzarov (born November 7, 1984, Donetsk, Ukrainian SSR — a lawyer, human rights activist, journalist, international columnist, political analyst, orientalist scholar, television and radio presenter. Polyglot.

A graduate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy. A member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. A member of the Public Council in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian parliament). A member of the Committee on International Relations of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine. A member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. A member of the Ukrainian Foreign Policy Association. A Kievstratpro analytical group expert.

Buzarov is the author of several books, articles and blogs on various philosophical, legal, ethnographic, social, historical, political, international and other issues. Andrey Buzarov advocates the need to develop Ukraine’s international relations with the Asian, African and Arab states and not to focus narrowly on the western direction. He attaches great importance to the development of international journalism in Ukraine as well as the need to master foreign languages. As a political and a legal advisor he works in various political projects and collaborates with individual public figures.

Legal education and legal practice

In 2001 Buzarov left secondary school number 7 in Donetsk with honours. Then he entered the Faculty of Economics and Law of Donetsk National University (with "Law" as a major). Studying at the University, in 2004 he became the winner of "Mastery of courtroom speech", a Ukrainian competition on criminal law and procedure. Buzarov was honored for his academic achievement. In 2006 he graduated from Donetsk National University with the qualification of "Master of Law". His master's paper was dedicated to the issue of legal guarantees of foreign investment in Ukraine. The paper was written under supervision of a prominent Ukrainian lawyer and attorney Daniil Fedorchuk (http://www.disslib.org/rezhym-prjamoho-inozemnoho-investuvannja.html).

Studying at the university, he became a practicing lawyer. After graduation, he took legal positions in various private institutions and law offices, among which are the law office «Apriori-lex» and law company "First Counselor" of the DTEK Corporation (the subsidiary of the "SKM") in Donetsk. In 2008 Buzarov passed the exam and got a Certificate of Enrolment as Advocate. Since that time, he has been practicing law nationwide and abroad (https://kmkdka.com/reestr-advokativ-kieva/advokat/6679). He is currently a practicing lawyer with a broad legal profile. His main sphere of interest is commercial law (contract law, economic disputes, remedies for business, international trade), civil law (real estate transactions, corporations law, family disputes), international law and constitutional law.

As a member of the Committee on International Relations of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine he strives to develop relationships with colleagues from other countries. He regularly participates in numerous conferences, forums and a variety of activities aimed at improving the functioning of the legal system in Ukraine, as well as the development of national advocacy (http://irc.unba.org.ua/about-committee).

Academic activity

In 2006 Buzarov started his post-graduate studies at Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky in "Social History and Philosophy of History." The subject of this Ph.D. thesis is "The establishment of a democratic society in the Arab world: the socio-philosophical analysis." The thesis was written under supervision of a renowned Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Konstantin Uzbek.

Buzarov was a post-graduate student of the Chair of Ukrainian studies and philosophy of this University from 2006 to 2010. In 2010 he graduated from post-graduate studies, but due to some reasons the Ph.D. thesis has not been defended. He is currently preparing to defend his thesis for Scholarly Degree in Philosophy under the supervision of a Ukrainian philosopher, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor R. Dodonov.

Democratization issues, including the Arab society, have always been of concern. Andrey Buzarov has prepared and published a number of works in this research trend, among which are the following: Buzarov A.I. Democratic ideas in the social and philosophical thought of the Arab East / AI Buzarov. // Іntelekt. Osobistіst.Tsivіlіzatsіya: tematichnyi zbіrnik naukovykh prats sotsіalno-fіlosofskikh problem. - 2007. - Vyp. 5. - P. 83-94 .; Buzarov A.I. Meaning of Islam in the process of democratization in the Arab world / AI Buzarov // Science. Relіgіya. Suspіlstvo. - 2008. - Vip.1. - C. 196 - 201. (http://dspace.nbuv.gov.ua/bitstream/handle/123456789/29269/32-Buzarov.pdf?sequence=1);Бузаров AI Experience in dealing with sociolinguistic problems in the Arab Middle East and North Africa / AI Bouzar. Іntelekt. Osobistіst.Tsivіlіzatsіya. - 2008. - Vip. 6. - P. 255-263 .; Bouzar AI Socio-philosophical analysis of the process of democratization of the Arab Society / AI Bouzar // News Harkіvskogonatsіonalnogo unіversitetuіmenі VN Karazіna. № 894; Vip. 39: Teorіya culture i fіlosofіya science [Text]. - H .: KNU IM. VN Karazіna, 2010. - P. 148 - 153 .; Bouzar A.І. Konflіkti on Blizkomu Shodі yak global problems suchasnostі / A.І. Bouzar // News of Donetsk natsіonalnogo unіversitetu. Serіya B. Gumanіtarnі science. Naukova magazine. - 2015. - № 1-2. - S. 347-353. ( - P. 148 - 153 .; Bouzar A.І. Konflіkti on Blizkomu Shodі yak global problems suchasnostі / A.І. Bouzar // News of Donetsk natsіonalnogo unіversitetu. Serіya B. Gumanіtarnі science. Naukova magazine. - 2015. - № 1-2. - S. 347-353. ( - P. 148 - 153 .; Bouzar A.І. Konflіkti on Blizkomu Shodі yak global problems suchasnostі / A.І. Bouzar // News of Donetsk natsіonalnogo unіversitetu. Serіya B. Gumanіtarnі science. Naukova magazine. - 2015. - № 1-2. - S. 347-353. (http://jvestnik-b.donnu.edu.ua/article/view/2601); Bouzar AI The religious factor in the events of the "Arab Spring" and the conflicts in the Middle East [Electron resource] / AI // BouzarAktualnіproblemi fіlosofії that sotsіologії. - 2016. - Vip. 9. - P. 11-14. (http://www.apfs.in.ua/v9_2015/5.pdf); Bouzar AI Social, legal and political status of women in Arab society / AI Bouzar // News Lvivske unіversitetu. ZbіrnikNaukovaPratzen. Fіlosofsko-polіtologіchnі studії. - 2017. - Key infrastructure 10. - P. 13-18. (http://publications.lnu.edu.ua/bulletins/index.php/politology/article/viewFile/7340/7340); Bouzar AI Globalization, democratization and Arab society: the ratio of the phenomena / AI // BouzarAktualnіproblemi fіlosofії that sotsіologії. - 2017. - Vip. 15. - P. 19-22. (http://www.apfs.in.ua/v15_2017/8.pdf); Bouzar AI Democratic freedoms Islam / A.I.Buzarov // Collection of scientific works SWorld. - Issue 2 Volume 24 - Odessa: Kuprienko, 2013 - S. 41 - 48. Included in the international scientometric base RISC SCIENCE INDEX (http://sworld.com.ua/konfer31/26.pdf).Бузаров А. И. Демократические идеи в социально-философской мысли Арабского Востока / А. И. Бузаров. // Інтелект. Особистість. Цивілізація: Тематичнийзбірникнауковихпрацьізсоціально-філософських проблем. – 2007. – Вип. 5. – С. 83-94.; Бузаров А.И. Значение ислама в процессе демократизации общества в арабских странах / А. И. Бузаров // Наука. Релігія. Суспільство. – 2008. – Вип.1. – C. 196 - 201. (http://dspace.nbuv.gov.ua/bitstream/handle/123456789/29269/32-Buzarov.pdf?sequence=1);Бузаров А.И. Опыт решения социолингвистических проблем в странах арабского Ближнего Востока и Северной Африки / А. И. Бузаров. Інтелект. Особистість. Цивілізація. – 2008. – Вип. 6. – С. 255-263.; Бузаров А.И. Социально-философский анализ процесса демократизации арабского общества / А.И. Бузаров // ВісникХарківськогонаціональногоуніверситетуімені В. Н. Каразіна. № 894; Вип. 39: Теоріякультури і філософія науки [Текст]. – Х.: ХНУ ім. В. Н. Каразіна, 2010. - С. 148 – 153.; Бузаров А.І. Конфлікти на БлизькомуСході як глобальна проблема сучасності / А.І. Бузаров // ВісникДонецькогонаціональногоуніверситету. Серія Б. Гуманітарні науки. Науковий журнал. – 2015. – № 1-2. – С. 347-353. (http://jvestnik-b.donnu.edu.ua/article/view/2601); Бузаров А.И. Религиозный фактор в событиях «арабской весны» и конфликтах на Ближнем Востоке [Електронний ресурс] / А. И. Бузаров // Актуальніпроблемифілософії та соціології. – 2016. – Вип. 9. – С. 11-14. (http://www.apfs.in.ua/v9_2015/5.pdf); Бузаров А.И. Социально-правовой и политический статус женщины в арабском обществе / А. И. Бузаров // ВісникЛьвівськогоуніверситету. Збірникнауковихпраць. Філософсько-політологічністудії. – 2017. – Випуск 10. – С. 13-18. (http://publications.lnu.edu.ua/bulletins/index.php/politology/article/viewFile/7340/7340); Бузаров А.И. Глобализация, демократизация и арабское общество: соотношение явлений / А. И. Бузаров // Актуальніпроблемифілософії та соціології. – 2017. – Вип. 15. – С. 19-22. (http://www.apfs.in.ua/v15_2017/8.pdf); Бузаров А.И. Демократические свободы ислама / А.И.Бузаров // Сборник научных трудов SWorld. – Выпуск 2. Том 24. – Одесса: Куприенко, 2013 – С. 41 – 48. Входит в международную наукометрическую базу РИНЦ SCIENCE INDEX (http://sworld.com.ua/konfer31/26.pdf).

Another area of his scientific interest is the issue of national minorities in Ukraine, specifically, the history of the North Caucasian peoples in Ukraine. Among his works one should mention the following: Квопросуоеврейскомпроисхожденииосетин» БузаровА.И. Науковепізнання: методологіятатехнологія : Філософія : наук. журн. / Південноукр. нац. пед. ун-тім. К. Д. Ушинського. – Одеса: [б. в.]. - Виходитьдвічі на рік. - ISSN 1561-1264. Випуск 1 (25), 2010.; «Прагмалингвистические особенности межэтнического дискурса (историко-философский анализ): монография / К. М. Узбек, И. А. Пантелеева, А. И. Бузаров, Т. В. Юрьева; Донец.нац. ун-т экономики и торговли им. М. Туган-Барановского. - Донецк: ДонНУЭТ, 2012. - 149 c. - рус. - укp.; 14. Осетини як національнаменшинаУкраїни [Електронний ресурс] / Е. Тедеєв, А. Бузаров // Віче. - 2012. - № 5. - С. 26-28. ( http://nbuv.gov.ua/UJRN/viche_2012_5_12); «Осетины и Украина: история и современность» (http://osetia.kvaisa.ru/1-rubriki/10-istoriya-i-sovremennost/osetiny-i-ukraina-istoriya-i-sovremennost/); Донецкие дагестанцы (http://dadashov.org.ua/content/%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%B5%D1%86%D0%BA%D0%B8%D0%B5-%D0%B4%D0%B0%D0%B3%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%86%D1%8B).

A. Buzarov is also the author of two books about the Ossetians of Ukraine [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yWGTQIVkXQ], that were published in 2010 and 2012. In these books he collected and systematized the material about the Ossetians living in Ukraine. The book "The Ossetians of Ukraine" was the winner of the contest "The Book of Donbass - 2013" in nomination "Humanitarian sciences” (http://www.donbass-info.com/content/view/5257/5267/), and was awarded on exhibitions in Donetsk and Kiev (http://mami.org.ua/news/event/8574).

For his persistent efforts in studying of the history of national minorities in Ukraine upon the recommendation of a number of prominent journalists Buzarov was admitted to the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine in 2013.

Andrey is currently working on a book "Dagestanis of Ukraine", he is aimed at creating a series of books about the peoples of the North Caucasus, living in Ukraine, and therefore continues to be actively engaged in studying ethnographic and ethnic issues. (Http://bkm.in.ua/vidannya/materiali-konferentsij/materialy-konferentsii-2016-rik).

Politics and Foreign Affairs

From 2004 to 2007. A. Buzarov attended Arabic language and culture courses, successfully completed the studies and received a certificate. After the courses he began studying the history and culture of Arab East. He has also been attending courses of English, German, Modern Greek and other languages. He speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Greek languages, and continues mastering other languages.

In December 2008, he received the certificate of the International University of Political Science of Masaryk University in Brno (the Czech Republic) after taking the course "Transition to democracy and civil society - the lessons of the Czech Republic" in Donetsk.

Since 2009 he has been working as a political adviser and expert on international and legal issues with various civil society organizations and political parties (https://www.youtube.com/user/buzarov?disable_polymer=true). He was a parliamentary assistant in the Donetsk regional council and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in three convocations (http://posipaky.info/minion/311101). He worked in the campaign headquarters of political parties and blocks, and collaborated with international observers during local, parliamentary and presidential elections.

In 2015 he graduated from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy with a qualification of "Master of foreign policy." Since 2015 he has been a member of the Public Council in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (http://council.mfa.gov.ua/ua/press-center/news/57070-nakaz-mzs-ukrajini-189 -vid-10052017-pro-zatverdzhennya-skladu-gromadsykoji-radi-pri-mzs).

He became especially active in the media after the Euromaidan events, the annexation of the Crimea and the outbreak of the armed conflict in Donbass, with his cutting-edge analysis of Ukrainian internal and foreign policy. He specializes in studying the causes and history of the Donbass conflict. His analysis of the situation in the international arena and in Ukrainian politics are often published in the Ukrainian and foreign press. He moderates the conferences, gives lectures in various institutions and organizations (http://novomediaforum.org/andrej-buzarov-o-blizhnem-vostoke-nado-pisat-menshe-i-ostorozhnee/). Since 2017 he has been an expert in analytical consulting group KievStratPro (http://www.kievstratpro.com/). In October 2017 at the invitation of the Chinese side, he was one of few journalists from Ukraine, highlighting the work of the 19th CPC National Congress in Beijing (https://www.obozrevatel.com/abroad/kak-prohodit-sezd-kommunisticheskoj-partii-kitaya.htm).

He is a presenter of the radio program the "External Factor" on the "Radio Vesti". The "External Factor" is a conversation between two experts on foreign policy and international relations, that highlights many world developments and the degree of their influence on internal politics of Ukraine in a simple for an average citizen way. (http://radio.vesti-ukr.com/programs/42728-vneshnij-faktor.html). He regularly conducts a review of the foreign press on the major issues of international life on the channel “112” (https://112.ua/video/obzor-mezhdunarodnoy-pressy-s-ekspertom-mezhdunarodnikom-andreem-buzarovym-27102017-252001.html).

During a long period Buzarov has been working with many Ukrainian and foreign mass media, among which are the newspaper "Today" (https://www.segodnya.ua/opinion/buzarovcolumn.html), "RBK-Ukraine" (https://daily.rbc.ua/rus/author/a455), the newspaper "RBK” (https://www.rbc.ru/newspaper/2017/10/09/59d6234e9a79477ea0f86f01), the newspaper "Vesti", "Apostrophe", "Browser", "Correspondent", the channel "News-One"," Radio liberty"," Voice of America"," Gordon Boulevard", the Chinese newspaper" People's Daily ", the Arabic website "Al-Jazeera" and many others.

Buzarov is currently living and working in Kiev.

Viacheslav Shutenko — economist, political observer, entrepreneur, adviser on export promotion. Has many years of experience in foreign economic activity in government and private organizations.

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Viacheslav Shutenko — economic and political analyst, businessman. In 2010 received a diploma on higher education in the specialty "Management of foreign economic activity".

In August 2010 became a public servant and started work at the Main Board of Economics of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration as a leading specialist of the Department of External Relations. During 3 years of work in the civil service was promoted several times on a post.

Was awarded a diploma for high achievements in work.

In August 2013 finished work in the administration as Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Relations- Head of the Investment Department of the Department of Economics, Trade and International Relations of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration and entered the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Was a member of the Academic Council of the Academy.

In 2015, graduated from the Academy, received a Master's degree in foreign policy with honors in the field of "Economic Diplomacy". Was awarded a diploma for active participation in the academy's life and excellent studying.

Finished a number of additional courses in advanced training, including foreign ones, on foreign policy and international security. Among them: the NATO Summer School in Czech Republic, Polish Institute of Diplomacy named after Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Republic of Poland.

Since October 2015 is engaged in business activity. Co-founder of KievStratPro, LLC, author of a number of blogs and articles on political and economic topics. Gives comments for the TV, radio and internet media as an economist and political observer.

Cyril Klymenko — lawyer, candidate of law, political analyst. In the past, the head of departments at the Ministry

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Cyril Klymenko — Expert in public administration and international relations, Attorney-at-law, PhD in Law, lecturer and business consultant. Senior Project Manager in Reforms Delivery Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Reforms Staff Positions concept implementation.

Chairman of the NGO "Entrepreneurship Support and Development Centre", member of the Public Council under the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, member of the Professional Government Association of Ukraine and member of the Secretariat of Kyiv Regional Council to address the issues of agroindustrial complex development under the Chairman of Kyiv Regional State Administration.

Over 18 years of experience in various fields of business and government, as well as teaching, consulting and individual advocacy, including the European Court of Human Rights (case FRIDA v. Ukraine, No. 24003/07).

During the professional career, he held executive positions in business in trading companies as a Head of Legal Service, Head of the Department of Economic Security and Business Consultant in multidisciplinary investment projects. Worked as a legal adviser to the UK funded Defence Housing Reform Project under the MoD Reform Project Office, as well as in public administration, in particular: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (Director of the State Property Department), Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine (Director of the Foreign Economic Relations Department), Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (Deputy Director of the Department - Chief of Division, Secretary of the Ministry Public Procurement Committee).

As a chief of Agrarian Ministry's Foreign Service within 7 months managed to negotiate and ensure the quarantine certification of Ukrainian maize in China and to sign a USD 3 billion loan agreement for the development of agro-industrial projects in Ukraine under state guaranty.

Member of the Interagency Commission on International Trade of Ukraine (2012-2014).

A civil servant rank five (category "B").

Associate Professor at the Department of History and Political Science of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, taught at the Department of Foreign Policy of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Is the author of more than 30 published scientific papers on legal and international subjects, including 5 educational programs on public administration, international public and private law, etc.

Completed the Leadership Program at John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University), the Advanced Diplomacy Program at the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Polish Institute of Diplomacy and postgraduate studies at the National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine. Obtained a Master's degree in Law from Kyiv National Economic University and a Master's degree in Foreign Policy from the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Aleksey Bebel — lawyer, formerly the head of the press service and other structural subdivisions of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

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Aleksey Bebel was born on August 9, 1974 in the city of Kerch, Crimea.

In 1996 he graduated from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise.

From 1996 to 2004, he worked at the prosecutor's offices of the Poltava region on the posts of the investigator, the head of the department for overseeing the observance and application of the laws of the prosecutor's office of the region, the prosecutor of the Velykobagachansky and Kremenchug districts.

From 2004 till 2010 he worked at the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine. At this time he held the posts of the head of the press service and the head of the state protection interests department.

From 2010 to 2011 he worked as a deputy and first deputy prosecutor of the Odessa region.

During 2012-2013 he worked at the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine as head of the department for international cooperation and communications.

In December 2013, he resigned from the prosecutor's office.

Currently working as a lawyer.

Violetta Moskalu — Doctor of Philosophy, University of Lorraine (France), expert on public administration and international development, civil activist, visionary, philanthropist, founder of the Global Ukraine Foundation, initiator and co-founder of the Global Ukrainians Forum

Биография Виолетта Москалу
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Taras Semenyuk — expert of media and anti-crisis communications, a unified approach to creating reputation strategies.

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Тарас Семенюк — Master of Social Communications and Sociology of the Gregorian University in Rome.

Co-founder SHORT.MEDIA

Producer of Euronews Ukraine.

Journalist of the publication "European truth", an international journalist and correspondent for Channel 5 and TRK Ukraina in Italy.

He likes to create projects from scratch.

He studies and explores in practice political communications.

He is interested in art and classical music.

Yurii Poita — international journalist, analyst. Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, member of the board of the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists. Has experience working in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, private companies and news agencies.

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Пойта Юрій Вікторович — журналіст-міжнародник, аналітик, китаєзнавець. В 2007 році отримав диплом про вищу освіту за спеціальністю «радіотехніка», після цього проходив військову службу заступником начальника відділу телекомунікаційних систем в Збройних силах України. Офіцер запасу. Має ряд відомчих нагород та відзнак.

Після звільнення з Збройних сил України з 2012 року працює у сфері міжнародних відносин. Співпрацює з рядом провідних українських ЗМІ та аналітичних центрів. Навчався у Київському міжнародному університеті за спеціальністю «міжнародні відносини», в Уханьському дослідному інституті пошти та телекомунікацій (КНР). Пройшов спеціалізовану програму з економічної журналістики у Київській Школі Економіки.

Закінчив ряд додаткових курсів та тренінгів з журналістики та міжнародних відносин.

Автор багатьох аналітичних статей на тему міжнародних відносин, зовнішньої політики та безпеки.

Сфера інтересів: міжнародна економіка, питання міжнародної безпеки, розвиток ситуації в Південно-східній та Східній Азії, зовнішня та внутрішня політика КНР, українсько-китайські відносини.

Володіє українською, російською, англійською та китайською мовами.

Barashkov Kyrylo — Attorney at law, lawyer-internationalist, foreign participant of the American Association of Immigration Attorneys at law, representative of the National Ukrainian Bar Association in Greece.

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Barashkov Kyrylo Igorovych born in 1980, native from the city of Kyiv. Attorney at law, lawyer-internationalist, foreign participant of the American Association of Immigration Attorneys at law, representative of the National Ukrainian Bar Association in Greece.

Graduated from Kyiv National Economic University, from 2001 till 2009 worked at various positions in commercial and public organizations, since 2009 is engaged in lawyer activity, specializes in the international private law and protection of the rights of the Ukrainian migrants abroad.

Has a network of representatives in a number of EU countries and in the USA and Israel. Is fluent in English and Spanish.

Andrey Lepeyko — is an experienced businessman. Consultant on Strategic Management, Financial Management and Business Development.

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Фото Андрей Лепейко

Personal information

Date of Birth 26/12/1969

Place of Birth Ukraine

Citizenship Ukrainian

Marital status: Married

Employment history

Present position since 01/09/2003

Head of the Shareholders’ Board, Soft Service Holding, Kyiv, Ukraine www.dekor.net

Main responsibilities:

  • Set strategy and vision, strategic goals
  • Approve budgets
  • Fund-raising
  • Team-building
  • General financial supervision

President, Soft Service Holding, Kyiv, Ukraine

06/02/1998 – 01/09/2003

Main responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement operational policies, strategic plans, and Annual Operating Plans
  • Operate the company within established policies, maintain a regular policy review process, and revise or develop policies
  • Ensure the company operates within approved budgets and operating plans
  • Keep abreast of issues which may significantly impact the company
  • Create and maintain an organizational environment that promotes positive staff morale and performance
  • Direct, motivate and maintain a competent, well-trained, flexible and responsive staff capable of meeting current and future needs
  • Develop and maintain an annual plan for the development and succession management.

04/09/1991 – 05/02/1998

Head of the IT-department, Soft Service Holding, Kyiv, Ukraine

01/02/1991 – 27/08/1991

Head of the Youth Organizations and High-School Trainer, Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works (Ingulez GOK), Kryvij Rig, UkraineUkraine http://www.metinvestholding.com/

25/03/1988 – 21/01/1991

Engineer, Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works (Ingulez GOK), Kryvij Rig, Ukraine http://www.metinvestholding.com/


Said Business School, University of Oxford, 04-12.03.2008

Finance for Senior Executives, Certificate of participation

INSEAD, 04-12.03.2008

Certificate of participation in Finance for Executive Programme

Vocational school #44 in Kryvyy Rig, 1987-1988

Diploma of Mechanic

Professional Qualifications

Advanced computer skills, INSEAD Certificate, Finance for Executives Programme

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